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Children's Montessori Center of Via Verde
Children's Montessori Center of Via Verde
Acacia Montessori School
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School Curriculum & Language Arts in San Dimas, California

From science to language arts, Children's Montessori Center of Via Verde in San Dimas, California, offers a unique, Montessori school curriculum to help your child learn and develop properly.
Dancing Lesson - Children's Montessori Center - San Dimas, CA

Music & Arts

Art is an integral part of our educational program. There is a variety of safe media available, such as easel painting, watercolor, clay, and crayons. Music is a part of our group time activities and involves singing, rhythm, and movement.

Science Studies

Children are naturally curious about themselves and the world around them. In science studies, they are encouraged to observe the changes in the environment, explore animal, human, and plant life, and experiment with the elements and tools, such as air, water, and wheels.
Music Lesson - Children's Montessori Center - San Dimas, CA

Sensorial Education

Montessori sensorial materials assist your child in learning to differentiate between sizes, shapes, colors, textures, sounds, and tastes. Through these activities, your child learns to evaluate and find solutions to concrete problems.

The World of Numbers

Children gain knowledge of the world of numbers and their functions through interactive manipulation of concrete Montessori materials. This knowledge is reinforced through play-oriented activities, such as building with blocks and measuring sand, water, or ingredients for cooking.

Language Arts

Reading, listening to stories, speaking, and writing are all important exercises in our language arts program. Children are encouraged to communicate their ideas and feelings through dramatic play, drawings, sharing time and eventually through writing about their own experiences using tactile Montessori materials. Your children are also introduced to various languages from around the world, including Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Extracurricular Activities

At Children's Montessori Center of Via Verde, we offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including music, dance, computer, swimming, and Spanish lessons. We also take them on field trips to museums, the library, and other places which allow our kids to explore the world around them with their friends and teachers.

Learn more information about the unique curriculum at our school by contacting us in San Dimas, California.